RightCloudz in Convergence-2016


Themed with Digital Business: New Frontiers in Management, Convergence-2016 organized by IFIM Business School, Bangalore from February 4-6, 2016 offered the platform to RightCloudz Technologies to show how one can derive optimum values from the cloud resources. Return on Investments (RoI) is something that all enterprises keep a watch on. One of the strategies to enhance cloud RoI is to make intelligent choices of third-party tools and add-ons.

Should third-party add-ons be looked into after committing to a service of a Cloud Service Provider, or should that be part of cloud selection process? How do we evaluate third-party add-ons? — Do the questions sound familiar?! Then take look at the paper “Disruption in Cloud RoI due to third-party add-ons” which looks into these issues and suggests a model. Read the abstract

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